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Publiée le:
1 juin 2018
Type de poste:
Lieu de travail:
Sousse, Tunisie
Entre 1 et 2 ans
Bac + 3
Plein temps
Français , Anglais
Secteur: automobile / moteurs / engins mécaniques
Taille: Plus de 500 employés
Description de l'annonce:


  • Supports the Global IMF strategy

  • Support implantation of E-Kanban in the plant

  • Supports the definition of IMF standards, based on the Benchmarks, making sure that the best service to

  • the customer is considered with the lowest cost level (logistic, inventory, physical flow)

  • Supports the definition and maintenance of the IMF Work Instructions

  • Supports the definition and maintenance of the IMF KPIs

  • Responsible to implement the standard IMF processes in the plant

  • Maintains permanent communication with the Regional IMF Coordinator

  • Responsible for the IMF process for Raw Material components within the Warehouse and

  • Production area

  • Calculates the optimized Kanban quantities considering :production/customer demand

  • Supplier box quantity replenishment time delivery routes, etc.

  • Defines the types of Kanban boxes to be used in the plant

  • Defines the appropriate type of the Kanban box for each material considering: - the defined Kanban quantity - material weight -material volume - other specific storage requirements, etc.

  • Calculates and ensures the optimum number of storage locations

  • Defines and optimizes the layout and the space requirements for the Kanban racks considering: - appropriate storage locations based on ergonomically reasons

  • proper storage conditions based on the supplier requirements

  • Management of Kanban cards: - optimizes on regular basis the Kanban card quantities &

  • locations

  • creates the Kanban cards for the new materials

  • eliminates the Kanban cards of the materials which are not needed anymore

  • Defines and optimizes the Internal Material Flow within the plant (the process of supplying the parts to the first point of consumption)

  • Calculates the needed resources for running a lean material flow (including workload, number

  • Of personnel for different activities, etc.) and review calculations whenever relevant changes

  • occur in the process

  • Supports the definition and maintenance of the Training Materials on standards, tools, methods

  • Provides training and coaching on IMF process to the relevant functions (e.g. RM Warehouse team, Line runners, other functions)

  • Maintains training records

  • Supports the Stock-take process, the identification of root causes for deviations and the

  • definition of actions to eliminate them

  • Identifies performance deviations based on the KPIs and develops action plans for corrections  Permanently develops / optimizes the IMF process considering the relevant KPIs, business needs and specific process requirements


  • Highest level of education: BAC+3

  • Studies / branch of study / degree: Economics/Logistics/Technical/Commercial

  • Work experience : min 02 years’ experience in LTN