Détails de l'annonce
Publiée le:
9 mai 2018
Type de poste:
Lieu de travail:
Msaken, Sousse, Tunisie
Plus que 10 ans
Bac + 5
Plein temps
Arabe , Français , Anglais
Locale, International
Secteur: automobile / moteurs / engins mécaniques
Taille: Plus de 500 employés
Description de l'annonce:


  •  Oversee the establishment of a LEONI Training Area that will be used to train new employees and develop the skills of the existing ones
  •  Review the training development needs for all employees and develop training programs based on career paths
  •  Develop, update and budget for employee training plans
  •  Liaise with business/ functional groups to understand their training needs,
  •  Undertake regular training needs analysis and assessments
  •  Direct, develop and maintain the overall training and development strategy and plan, selecting relevant methods of delivery from a range of options
  •  Work with key business leaders to identify and prioritize short and long-term training and learning needs
  •  Oversee the preparation and design of training courses and materials for each function and level to ensure they match career development paths
  •  Liaise with business/ functional groups to understand their requirements and identify training solutions
  •  Establish, maintain and document LEONI training policy and procedures
  •  Develop training manuals, other training aids and communications
  •  Manage the design of a wide range of training and development programmes that support the LEONI in meeting its strategic goals
  •  Ensure that training sessions are administered effectively in terms of logistics
  •  Manage the evaluation of training courses take appropriate actions to improve offering/service
  •  Ensure all training and development programmes have clear learning objectives and defined measures of success
  •  Evaluate success of training in terms of impact on business results and ROI
  •  Make changes to the training and development plans or programmes to increase impact and ROI
  •  Maintain training records to enable the production of management information
  •  Produce standard and other training and development reports as required

Qualifications :

  •  Highest Level of Education: Bachelors Degree in a relevant field
  •  IT: MS Office
  •  Languages: Arabic, French, English
  •  Work Experience: Minimum of 8 years experience in HR
  •  Leadership Experience: 5 years of Management experience