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19 janvier 2018
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Lieu de travail:
Tunis, Tunisie
Entre 2 et 5 ans
Bac + 5
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Arabe , Français , Anglais
Secteur: autres
Taille: Entre 20 et 100 employés

As an E&P services provider, the TARGET Group works to address our customers' challenges in the energy industry. Our services and solutions are organised into three broad areas.


TARGET has extensive capabilities to assist E&P companies across their data processing, interpretation and implementation value chain. This begins with the early phases of frontier exploration and continues through thr full life cycle of a field. Our expertise encompasses basin assessment, production optimisation, improved oil recovery, enhanced oil recovery and brown-field development planning. Our experience ranges from conventional  to unconventional reservoirs and clastic to carbonate rocks. 


As quality data and information are becoming increasingly critical to the success of E&P companies, the emphasis on establishing sound and stable information management practices is critical. Target has established some unique workflows cover and built a strong resource base for implementation. Information management workflows cover geophysical data, borehole data reservoir engineering data, and production data.


Through the Meera Technoligies division, TARGET has utilised its extensively accumulated know-how and knowledge to build the next generation interpretation software platform, OMNI. Through its state-of-the art interface, ease of use and powerful data models, Meera Technologies is able to offer information management, interpretation and collaboration tools across the E&P Life cycle. 

Description de l'annonce:

TARGET Oilfield Services LLC is looking for a "Full Stack Developer" based in Tunisia :

The Front-End Web Developer will have to give life to user facing features by consuming back-end services. Responsibilities will include translation of UI/UX design wireframes to actual code, while ensuring maintainability and liveliness of the client-side artifacts he/she produces.


Develop user-facing features which consume upstream back-end services

Provide a critic eye over suggested UI/UX design, making sure it is technically feasible all while being user-friendly

Ensure client-side code is maintainable, reusable and fully modular.

Warrant the quality of the client-side artifacts produced (testing, minified and linted javascript, maintainable and web-standards compliant HTML/CSS) 


Must be proficient on modern open web standard technologies, mainly HTML5 and CSS3

Must be proficient in modern JavaScript (ES6)

Must be well acquainted of modern Client-Side JavaScript FrameWorks: React/Redux would be highly appreciated.

Must be aware of CSS-preprocessors like SASS or LESS

Must be well-versed in asynchronous request handling, ajax, and Single Page Applications in general including routing, partial loading,..

Must be aware of some Client-Side project and dependency-management tools like npm, gulp, bower, yarn, webpack

Must be aware of Client-side testing techniques and frameworks

Must know his/her way through git.

NB: Applications must be submitted in ENGLISH