Détails de l'annonce
Publiée le:
17 mars 2020
Type de poste:
Lieu de travail:
Ariana, Tunisie
Entre 1 et 2 ans
Bac + 3
Plein temps
Secteur: informatique / télécoms
Taille: Entre 20 et 100 employés
Description de l'annonce:


Rebootkamp "RBK" we are an authentic, passionate and creative software development training center and we are seeking to hire a qualified Counselor.

We are looking for a highly creative, personable and talented Counselor to help keep the class running effectively by delivering the program and managing the student experience. You will be the primary student point-of-contact, driving student success, and identifying student success issues & risks.


Responsibilities :

  • Understand how the program works in detail (even though the subject matter may be technical and foreign to you) and the role of different players. 
  • Be well versed in program delivery approaches and best practices.
  • Manage student experience and program success through class-wide, small group, and individual reflection sessions.
  • Stay abreast of the perceptions and feelings and needs of the class.
  • Handle difficult issues such as impostor syndrome, group conflicts, and truancy.
  • Accountable for unconditional success for all metrics pertaining to the cohort, including placement rate, satisfaction ratings, starting salary, health and happiness of students.
  • Responsible for the health of academic and cultural student pipeline from admissions through job placement.
  • Understand what drives 5-star program reviews, strong academic results and successful job placement.
  • Maintain accurate, deep, real-time data on how students are scoring across these dimensions, working with other members of the instruction team as required.
  • Suss out the reasons behind student success issues / risks.
  • Determine remedial solutions and create, rollout & manage associated action plans.
  • Deliver (often difficult) feedback to students that improve outcomes and result in positive sentiment. 
  • Serve as support and safety net for instructional team and elevate issues appropriately.
Qualifications : 
  • Higher education in psychology or sociology field.
  • Strong English ability.
  • High social and emotional intelligence.
  • High situational awareness.
  • Rationally compassionate.
  • Level-headed.
  • 1-3 years work experience (preference for experience in project management, counselor, personal coach).
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Great listener.
  • Skilled at motivating people.
  • Good understanding of human psychology.
  • Cultural and religious sensitivity.
  • Can-do attitude and a sense of humor.
  • Charismatic.
  • Keen interpersonal skills: you’re able to support students working in an intensive environment.