Détails de l'annonce
Publiée le:
7 novembre 2019
Lieu de travail:
Tunis, Tunisie
Entre 5 et 10 ans
Bac + 2
Plein temps
Arabe , Français , Anglais
Secteur: recrutement / ressources humaines
Taille: Moins de 20 employés
Description de l'annonce:

Nous recrutons pour le compte d'une chaîne d'hôtel de luxe un Chief steward

Main Duties and Responsibilities 

1. To maintain areas of responsibility to the highest standards of cleanliness and to ensure that they are kept in an orderly manner.      2. To ensure that all equipment is stored and provided to the various outlets in the highest standard of presentation and in a hygienic manner. 

3. To maintain par stocks of all items, as agreed, and to ensure that breakages are kept to an absolute minimum. 

4. To ensure breakage is recorded in each outlet and to present breakage results and conduct training to all outlets on a monthly basis on how to reduce breakage and breakage cost all together. 

5. To maintain tight financial control in all areas, with regard to budget. 

6. To ensure absolute compliance with the legal and hotel requirements with regard to fire, health and safety and with particular reference to hygiene. 


7. To maintain all areas in pristine condition, in compliance with Health and Safety standards,  ensuring that all fire exists and appliances are kept clear. 

8. To ensure that all rubbish is cleaned on a regular basis and to maintain rubbish collection points in a hygienic condition. 

9. To ensure compliance with area/departmental cleaning schedules. 

10. To maintain a log of all deficiencies in areas of responsibility and report them to the Engineering department, following the agreed procedure.   


11. To ensure that the washing-up operation is carried out to the appropriate schedule, in a hygienic and safe manner.   12. To ensure clean and dirty items are kept separated and that each are stored in their respective areas safely and hygienically. 

13. To ensure that glass racks are mounted on castors provided and not stacked directly on the floor. 

14. To ensure the correct operation of the dishwasher, burnisher and waste disposal unit, according to the manufacturers’ specifications. 

15. To ensure that the silver receives proper treatment and is cleaned/ burnished according to the schedule. Make spot checks on silver kept in departments and recommend to Head of Departments when to send it in to the silver room to be cleaned/burnished/polished. 

16. To ensure the department has the correct supply of cutlery, crockery and silver, for use at all times. 

Stores/ Stores Issuing 

17. To maintain stocks, with reference to the agreed par stocks of:  China  Glass  Silver  Cleaning Materials   18. To issue items, as required, to departments. 

19. To keep stores extremely organized either by type or by outlet, clean and free of any debris and movements of equipment in and out up to date at all times using stock cards.   20. To control breakages and loss, and recommend, to the Executive Chef, methods for improvement in controlling these items. 

21. To recommend to the Executive Chef ordering requirements for these items, on an agreed time-scale. 

22. To undertake inventories, as required, on operating equipment and reserved stocks. 

23. To ensure that all equipment required for each banqueting function is ready at the time required and is in a clean and hygienic condition. 

 24. To collect damaged silver and arrange for repair. Ensure use of the Hotel purchasing policy.     

Health, Safety and Hygiene 

25. To ensure strict compliance with the hygiene regulations.   26. To ensure a safe working environment. 

27. To report to the Executive Chef any malfunctions, hygiene faults or safety hazards. 

28. To ensure that all employees are aware of, and trained in, fire precautions. 

29. To ensure that special attention is paid to the rubbish chute and the area around the garbage collector. 

30. To ensure that only employees are fully trained on how to use the high pressure cleaning equipment. 

31. To ensure that all cleaning liquids are kept in the correct containers and are suitably labeled, and that all employees receive appropriate COSHH training. 

Staffing and Training 

32. To recommend changes, promotions, transfers or dismissals to the Executive Chef and Director of People & Culture. 

33. To compile staff rosters and arrange staff holidays, subject to the agreed policy. 

34. To keep records of staff hours on duty, absenteeism and sickness, and notify the payroll department accordingly. 

35. To ensure that all employees are trained in all procedures, with reference to the d