Secteur d'activité
automobile / moteurs / engins mécaniques
Taille de l'entreprise
Entre 20 et 100 employés
Société privée étrangère
Année de fondation
Rue Lac Victoria, El Kram, Tunis, 2015 Tunisie

MICLA was founded in 2005 in Turin with the aim to support its clients, offering qualified resources in automotive area and generally in industry. Today, with over 15 years of experience, MICLA can count on over 200 collaborators in Italy, Germany and Brazil owning diversified skills and experiences, from design to the entire product development cycle. AUTOMOTIVE. MICLA offers engineering and design services for international customers, supporting the automotive sector since the beginning, and, from 2017, delivering productive activities. RAILWAY. MICLA is convinced that digital technologies will enable the rail sector to improve its appeal and capacity, especially when fully integrated in the design, operation and maintenance phases. The innovation will focus on control systems and communication with signaling systems in order to fully automate the railway sector and improve traffic flows. AERONAUTICAL. Thanks to its aeronautical engineers, MICLA is on the front line of researching about new technology in military or civilian aviation. Including aircraft design and development, manufacturing and flight experimentation, jet engine production and experimentation, and drone (unmanned aerial system) development. BOATS MICLA’s primary responsibility is to maintain the mechanical propulsion systems of marine vessels, including engines, pumps, boilers and generators. Additional responsibilities include maintaining electrical, refrigeration, ventilation, heating and cooling systems

MICLA ENGINEERING AND DESIGN   |   automobile / moteurs / engins mécaniques

❖ Description du poste :Conception mécanique automobile dans le B.i.W. terrain et finitions intérieures.Conception B.i.W. Haut de caisse et dessous de caisse et pièces mobiles et toutes les pièces de …

MICLA ENGINEERING AND DESIGN   |   automobile / moteurs / engins mécaniques

3D/2D  Harness DesignerThe main responsibilities are:Design the 3D/2D harness layout respecting the design rules, in according with PSA StandardChecking the rules for the right implementation harness designApplying of the Electric …