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Publiée le:
20 juillet 2022
Type de poste:
Lieu de travail:
Tunis, Tunisie
Entre 5 et 10 ans
Bac + 5
Plein temps
Secteur: informatique / télécoms
Taille: Entre 20 et 100 employés

As a regional reference of IoT solutions, active for 10 years in the telematics domain, MachinesTalk, NOMD subsidiary, promises customers cutting-edge diversified solutions that give them the essential insight to run efficient operations. With four main offices, MachinesTalk is proudly trusted by more than 2000 public and private entities in Saudi Arabia. And After having an excellent experience in software outsourcing in Tunisia, MachinesTalk had acquired IN:TIME Solutions to become its software house in Tunis taking profit from the highly skilled resources and innovative organization culture and management. MachinesTalk is planning to scale up the team of Tunis office within the next two years and to become one of the most attractive software companies in Tunisia. OUR SERVICES machinestalk is seeking out to become an international reference of IoT solutions. We promise customers cutting-edge diversified solutions that will give them the essential insight to run exceptionally efficient operations. Competent, Customers-centric, Innovative are the values that best describe machinestalk way delivering cutting-edge solutions. Please visit our website www.machinestalk.com and find out details about our services and solutions. OUR TEAM As a part from a Saudi Holding specialized in ITC and innovative solutions, we have chosen Tunis as a best city for our Research and Development team not only because of the high quality of computer science and software engineering education, but also because Tunisia is one of the emerging countries in the SPI (Social Progress Index) making a considerable improvement in freedom, life quality, connectivity, and open minded society. All those factors allow us to benefit from a creative team highly engaged in technology adoption and enablement. Since 2014, we build a mixed R&D team including business and technical experts with talented geeks in technologies, living in a creative, transparent and lovely environment. In fact, we are a big family producing highly intelligent technology. And now we are proud to have a highly qualified technical and management team We believe in creativity, respect, innovation, empathy, and connectivity. For these reasons we invest a lot in Human Capital management and we try to do it in a different way which put each family member feels comfortable… Our team is the heart of our activity and is the capital of our partners in a digital transformation and business automation plan, that is why we are very selective in hiring people, targeting dynamic, ambitious, creative and committed career seeking talents. OUR MANAGEMENT: In order to enable the best way for digital transformation and business automation for our partners/clients, we redesigned our internal operation management making it as responsive as the market needs. Thus we manage our engineering activities following the DevOps approach, in fact, all our operation is automated ensuring the continuous development, the continuous integration, and the continuous deployment. By adopting this approach, we are much more efficient in handling our partners/customers change management requirements and allowing a better flexibility with continuous delivery. Thanks to the full automation of its value chain, IN:TIME engineers are working only on very High Added Value task in term of technologies and solutions. Repetitive tasks are automated and machines will do that. Solutions, architecture, and technologies are Human tasks and Human intelligence. For all the above reasons and conditions, nowadays IN:TIME becomes one of the most attractive R&D offices in Tunis City for talented career seeking geeks, looking for working on the latest technologies and in a highly creative environment with the top ranked technical and managerial profiles in the region.

Description de l'annonce:

We are seeking to strengthen our machinestalk R&D team by an experienced and passionate Team Lead Full Stack R&D Engineer to lead our development team and work in internal and client projects.

Mission :

As a confirmed Full-stack R&D Engineer, you strengthen our engineering team which builds interfaces, data flows, and architecture to offer our customers the best user experience in the IoT world.

We are in charge of major customer projects in the field of structural intelligence (Smart Cities, Smart Building, Smart Irrigation, etc.).

We are also the publisher of our own IoT platform which allows the acceleration of the integration of objects with third-party systems and the analysis of recovered data.

Each member of our team designs develops, tests, deploys, and improves software.

This position works closely with the various product stakeholders: development, product management, support, and quality.

  1. As a Leader, you will be :
  • Managing the day-to-day activities of the team.
  • Motivating the team to achieve organizational goals.
  • Developing and implementing a timeline to achieve targets.
  • Delegating tasks to team members.
  • Conducting training of team members to maximize their potential.
  • Empowering team members with skills to improve their confidence, product knowledge, and communication skills.
  • Conducting performance reviews.
  • Contributing to the growth of the company through a successful team.
  • Creating a pleasant working environment that inspires the team.
  • Coordinate with the project managers to follow up your team performance indicator
  • You’ll be reporting to the general manager
  • Your time will be split 40/60 Leadership/Production

      2. As confirmed Full Stack R&D Engineer You will:

  • Analyze the functional and technical solution proposals, resulting from the initiation phase in collaboration with the PO and the expert committee.
  • Contribute to the writing of functional and technical specifications
  • Write the technical deliverables following the recommendations of the Solution Architect.
  • Contribute to technical R&D, Maintenance (corrective and evolutionary) and functional projects
  • Ensuring qualification via unit tests (technical and functional), cross-testing and non-regression testing of the components developed.
  • Contribute to project Scrum ceremonies (Demo, Daily meeting, Sprint Planning...).
  • Contribute to the task estimation and project planning update
  • Provide regular reporting to the Project Manager and Team Leader 
  • Respect the production quality process and be a source of proposals for its continuous improvement
  • Provide support for production release, hotfixes on production environments and contribute to Level 3 Support actions
  • Ensure customer deliveries and respond to their requests for support when needed.
  • Contribute to the integration phases in the DevOps environment (Continuous integration, automatic deployment) and delivery.

Job requirements

  • You have 5 years of experience in a similar position within a project management mission or Team Leader
  • You have customer sensitivity (external and internal) and understand functional and business issues
  • Very solid knowledge in Java 11 and also in Spring Boot and Microservices Architecture
  • You have experience with Front End technologies: JavaScript, Html5, CSS3, Angular11/12
  • You are active within open-source community
  • Knowledge of relational databases (PostgreSQL..)
  • You have excellent communication skills both written and spoken in English
  • You are a great team player