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Publiée le:
20 janvier 2022
Type de poste:
Stage/PFE, ,, Stage
Lieu de travail:
El Menzah, Tunis, Tunisie
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Bac + 5
Plein temps
Anglais , Allemand
Secteur: informatique / télécoms
Taille: Entre 100 et 200 employés

Bertsch Innovation GmbH est un leader européen des logiciels d'entreprise standardisés dans le domaine de la gestion des informations sur les produits, la gestion des actifs numériques et à la communication des produits multi-canal.

Dans le cadre de notre expansion en Tunisie , nous cherchons une équipe de développement de logiciels pour notre nouveau local a El Menzah 4.

Description de l'annonce:


Bertsch Innovation is devoted to product-driven, multi-channel communication. At our European offices and at our engineering facility in Tunis, our 80+ employees develop and support our software, advise customers, and implement innovative solutions to optimize processes in the areas of product information management (PIM), digital asset management (DAM), electronic catalogues, mobile, and multi-channel publishing. We also provide customers and partners with expert training and top-quality professional services in all these areas. With more than 150 successfully implemented PIM/DAM projects and more than 600 e-CAT customers BERTSCH INNOVATION a leading medium-sized software companies in the European PIM/DAM/e-CAT/mobile sector.

Introduction to mediacockpit

mediacockpit is our JEE-based software product with standard modules for product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM). mediacockpit is also an extremely flexible platform for developing custom solutions leveraging our flexible and extendable data model and system services in new and innovative ways. Nearly all aspects of the system are configurable to fit customer requirements and all data and services can be accessed via our standard HMI and documented, external APIs (REST, CMIS, Java, …).


Proposal 1: Build on / extend cross plattform PIM

  • Categorize products with ease
  • Create searchable product data
  • Use organizational tools to segment the product data
  • Share and publish product data (by segment and to multiple channels)
  • Use digital asset management features to easily enrich data
  • display the products from an assortment (publisher)
  • with formatting / layout somehow configurable "for normals"
  • offline mode etc


Proposal 2 : Focus point editor and hot spot editor for images (or image attributes)

Part 1: Image Focus Editor :

 Comizing to set focus point(s) for a given image. Two options

-  Save focus point on the Asset directly

-  Save focus point on the link between image and product (Attribute Parameter)

Then the focus point information in "generic" but the tool processing / cropping the data (whether webshop or catalog) has to make sure that the focus point "sits" correctly when the image is placed/cropped.


Part 2 : online hotspot editor | method draw :

Various customers and potential customers require the ability to annotate images (hot spots, BOM, etc.) The SVG based editor Method Draw could be a solid foundation 

MIT licensed. Provides a clean UI and the feature set we would need for a simple hot spot editor and more.


magemap bill of materials

Proposal 3 : dropbox/onedrive client to read/write data from common "viritual drives" like onedrive, dropbox, box, etc.

Technical feasibility | onedrive connector for MC (read/write)

Customer has asked if we could access onedrive in the context of a user in mediacockpit, the use cases are

-  export/write data to onedrive

-  read/import data from onedrive

I could imagine this integration as a customizing in the portal UI, such that a user can

-  click a button in collection tree "import from onedrive"

-  click a button on an asset (or assets, or a selection): save asset(s) to one drive

Then a window must popup

-  authentcating user with onedrive

-  selecting object to import (or destination)

-  apply

Compétences requises :

+ java / angular / je22 / REST Javascript / design patterns

+ Une bonne communication, maîtrise de l’ anglais

+ Maîtrise de l’allemand  est un grand atout. 

 Prière de Joindre votre  CV en Anglais ou en Allemand.