Détails de l'annonce
Publiée le:
7 janvier 2022
Type de poste:
Lieu de travail:
La Marsa, Tunis, Tunisie
Entre 1 et 2 ans
Bac + 3
Rémunération proposée:
1000 - 2000 DT / Mois
Plein temps
Arabe , Français , Anglais
Locale, International
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Secteur: enseignement / formation / puériculture
Taille: Moins de 20 employés
Description de l'annonce:

The Administrator position ensures the smooth/predictable, efficient, and cost-effective functioning of the company’s operations (including the office space) on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. 

This position substantially contributes to the financial and professional success of the firm and its staff by directly supporting the ability of the consulting staff (C-staff) to develop and deliver billable work. 

The Administrator reports directly to the Owner of the company and is supervised by Olfa Meijri (CFO).  Administrative tasks and responsibilities for this position include: 

  1. Being in direct contact with Universities and managing the agency contracts with universities in Canada, France, USA, Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe, and the United Kingdom. 

  2. Following up on the whole enrollment process of the students in the language schools/Language tests, and in the above mentioned countries. 

  3. Following up on the training provided by our company and being responsible for invoicing the clients, contacting the coaches and preparing attendance lists. 

  4. Collaborating with The Community Manager and responding to all requests and information present on The social networks of the company. 

  5. maintaining office furnishings, decor, signage, lighting, and all fittings to the agreed/high company standard 

  1. maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of all aspects of the office space to the agreed/high company standard 

  1. opening and closing the office at the agreed times 

  1. managing all aspects of internal and external security, health and safety for employees, clients, and all visitors

  1. organising internal (non-billable) or project-related (billable) meetings and events, as requested/directed by C-staff 

  1. managing contact lists and other databases as needed 

  1. booking transport and accommodation for C-staff, clients, etc. 

  1. ordering and maintaining stationery, office supplies, equipment/printer, computers, kitchen, food/drink as needed 

  1. dealing with incoming correspondence, complaints, and queries 

  1. supervising the work of junior administrative staff (if any) 

  1. managing the agreed office budget, including preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports to the owners 

  1. implementing and maintaining our procedures/administrative systems, including accounting for office expenses (not reimbursable from clients) and project expenses (reimbursable from clients) 

  1. proactively liaising with staff, suppliers, and clients to maintain our procedures and meet our and their administrative needs 

  1. delegating certain administrative tasks to external contractors, ensuring satisfactory completion of those tasks, and paying their invoices only upon completion 

  1. organising induction/onboarding programmes for new employees

  1. ensuring that health and safety policies are up to date and used

  1. maintaining licenses for and using a range of software packages 

  1. attending meetings with senior management as requested

  1. supporting the organisation's HR function by keeping personnel records up to date, arranging interviews, and so on

  1. supporting invoicing, payroll, banking, accounting, and legal/financial reporting functions under direction of the CFO (Olfa Mejri)

Terms of Employment:

  • Compensation for this position will be structured as follows: “base salary” of 700 TND per month; 

  • “Performance” salary of 300 TND per month (list of tasks will be given by owner at the start of each month and evaluated at the end of each month); 

  • “Bonus salary” amount of up to 1000 TND issued annually (the actual amount will be tied directly to the company’s annual financial performance).

  • Work hours: present and working in the office from 9:00 to 18:30 each day, with a lunch break of one hour each day. Schedule will be Monday to Friday, for 50 weeks annually, with additional time off for Tunisia’s official holidays, and up to 5 sick days per year.

  • Professional development: the owners intend to support the ongoing professional development of the administrator by giving more autonomy and responsibility over time. In addition, a budget of up to 1000 TDN per year is set aside for directly relevant and needed training courses for the administrator.

  • Upon hiring, the administrator will enter a 3-month probationary period during which their performance and progress against expected standards, tasks, and efficiency will be evaluated. Monthly “review meetings” will be held to ensure this process is a success for the employee and the company, but will also allow any challenges to be identified and addressed.