Détails de l'annonce
Publiée le:
6 septembre 2021
Type de poste:
Lieu de travail:
Bir Mcherga, Zaghouan, Tunisie
Entre 2 et 5 ans
Bac + 4
Plein temps
Arabe , Français , Anglais , Italien
Secteur: industrie métalliques
Taille: Entre 20 et 100 employés
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Lippert, Société multinationale Américaine, en forte croissance, a pour activité les moyens de transport commercial, utilitaire et marine. implantée en Tunisie depuis 2013 a travers son Plant 450,cherche pour le développement de son département informatique a l'échelle Européen un D365 chef technique, qui doit avoir les critères suivants:



  • MS Dynamics developer with 4-5 years’ experience, experience with D365 highly desirable.
  • Fluent in English
  • Proven experience in some of the activities included in the job description

Job Description:

System Administration:

·  Coordinate code deployment of customizations to test and production envs using Azure DevOps. Work together with the developers team to  plan and prioritise developments.

·  work with internal resources on RSAT: run RSAT automated testing on test env before all code promotions to prod and troubleshoot issues. 

·  Be able to perform D365 code deployments, perform code merge for test build and main build branch - troubleshoot code when an error is detected (optional)

·  Set standards for customization definition and composition (parameters on warehouse, etc… )

·  Manage platform version upgrades ensuring appropriate testing:

o   review content of coming upgrades to identify possible areas of regression in current solutions.

o  Manage test environments so that they are always at the appropriate version. 

·  Monitor and improve where possible  system performance

o  SQL query analysis

o  Ability to analyse trace files

o  Ability to analyse telemetry data

·  Clean up system from obsolete data. (staging, logs, etc…)

·  Manage system related MSFT support tickets (performance issues)

·  Perform Root cause analysis of critical issues using a Dev VM, looking at what happens in the code. 

·  Perform Load testing before D365 rollout  - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/fin-ops-core/dev-itpro/perf-test/multi-user-testing-local-test-controller

·  Update the subscription estimator periodically

·  Manage change requests in servicenow

User access management:

The scope is to manage the user access in order to prevent the proliferation of roles used and facilitate the assignment of access rights to users so they can access all they need but restricting access to sensible data and functions.

o  Assign roles to users via servicenow upon request

o  Add privileges to existing roles in order to allow access to new customizations and extend access of existing roles but preserving the scope of the roles. Prevent proliferation of roles employed.

o  Resolve user access rights issues

o  Guarantee SOX compliance and segregation of duty.

o  Remove users when notify