Détails de l'annonce
Publiée le:
28 juillet 2021
Type de poste:
Lieu de travail:
Tunis, Tunisie
Entre 2 et 5 ans
Bac + 3
Plein temps
Arabe , Français , Anglais
FHI 360
Secteur: autres
Taille: Entre 100 et 200 employés
Description de l'annonce:

 Ma3an aims at supporting CNLCT capacity building efforts in order to increase its presence outside of Tunis and to help the CNLCT adopt a more strategic approach to P/CVE nationwide and strengthen collaboration with civil society. FHI 360, in consultation with the CNLCT and USAID, will be supporting the CNLCT to strengthen the government’s capacities in defining, in an informed and concerted manner, national priorities to prevent violent extremism. Ma3an will support CNLCT’s efforts to develop its communication strategy through capacity building and equipping its staff with communication tools/techniques and by supporting the development of a Strategic Communication Strategy. Ma3an will support the strategy design and development by working in a collaborative manner with the CNLCT and other parties such as civil society organizations, experts, private companies and other relevant organizations. Ma3an will also support in all phases of the implementation of the strategy through its activities and in collaboration with its local partners. For this reason, Ma3an is recruiting a communication junior officer whose mission will be supporting the development and implementation of the communication strategy of the CNLCT.


The mission defined by these terms of reference aims to support the CNLCT in developing and implementing its communication strategy. Specifically, the junior communications officer’s mission is divided into two parts:

1. Work closely with the communication senior officer and the members of the communication unit within the CNLCT in order to provide support with communication operational daily work, such as media monitoring, media relations, design, knowledge management and other relevant tasks.

2. Support the development and the implementation, in close coordination with the communication senior officer, the CNLCT and the Ma3an project team, of the communication strategy which aims at developing positive and effective alternative discourses, intended for a specially targeted audience, which confront, challenge and contradict the violent extremism discourse. This strategy will be accompanied by a detailed action plan for implementing the strategy as well as designing a monitoring and evaluation system.

Main tasks and responsibilities:

Under the direct supervision of the communication senior officer and the presidency of the CNLCT and in close collaboration with the communication unit of the CNLCT and the MA3AN project team, the communication junior officer will:

– Support the communication senior officer and the presidency of the CNLCT in the development and implementation of the communication strategy

– Based on the CNLCT Communications Strategy, develop relevant communications content and products for appropriate dissemination (writings, photos, product sheets, catalogs, films, press kits, advertising campaign, etc.)

– Support the CNLCT in all operational and or strategic communication activities.

– Under the supervision of the Senior communication officer, manage, maintain and update the communication interfaces of the CNLCT (YouTube channel, Facebook page, WEB site, etc.)

– Support specific activities to facilitate the creation and dissemination of Social Media content:

– Provide support for special events and community outreach activities

-Manage online communities (Facebook groups) and CNLCT social platforms (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube).

– Work on the monitoring and e-reputation of the CNLCT.

– Contribute to the production of monthly analytical reports on the public use of the CNLCT social media platforms.

– Provide support for the implementation of communication campaigns on social networks.

– Manage and update a database of journalists and experts in communication (such as designers, etc).

– Closely monitor mainstream media and social media coverage of the CNLCT as well as issues of importance to the CNLCT.

Working methods

The communications Junior officer will work full-time administrative in the CNLCT premises under the supervision of the communication senior officer and in close collaboration with the CNLCT communication unit and the Ma3an project team.

The products of this recruitment will be the exclusive property of the CNLCT. The communications junior officer will not publish or cause to be published, in any form whatsoever, the products of this mission.

The communications Junior officer will be solely responsible for the technical quality of his / her work and for the timely completion of the assigned tasks.



  •  BS/BA in communications, Journalism, Public Relations or a related field (essential); Master\'s degree preferred
  •  At least 3 years of experience acquired in the field of communication and / or media
  •  Knowledge of the regulatory and institutional framework of the ENP in Tunisia is an asset
  •  Proven knowledge of communication tools and technics
  •  Demonstrated ability to effectively plan, organize and implement activities related to a communication strategy
  •  Possess strong oral and written communication skills in Arabic, French and English
  •  Prior experience working for a non-governmental organization (NGO)
  •  Volunteering experience with CSOs in Tunisia will be an advantage
  •  Photography and videography shooting, and editing are a must, proven expertise in storytelling: writing and filming and Strong proven Social Media knowledge and skills
  •  Able to take the initiative and identify new digital trends for use by the CNLCT and able to manage the e-reputation of the brand (social networks and electronic media)