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7 mai 2021
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Ariana Ville, Ariana, Tunisie
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We are seeking a junior or a fresh grad data scientist to join our engineering team. This is an exciting opportunity to help develop our new text generator software.
Natural Language Generation is software that turns data into written responses that are indistinguishable from human written documents. In our case creating property profile description’s for real estate agents.

  • Natural Language Generation requires a structured dataset in order to produce human-ready prose.
  • The content must be formatted and outlined, then given structured data. For instance, the platform accepts structured data via the property form. NLG software does not pull unstructured data or generate written text without some human interaction.
  • NLG comes in a range of three levels:
  • Basic – The simplest form can transform a few data points into sentences. For instance, a weather report sentence may be produced this way; ‘Brisbane will reach a top of 24 degrees’.
  • Template Driven – The next level uses a template paragraph and creates words based on the changing data. For example, Sports scores can be generated this way.
  • Advanced – The most advanced level transforms data into a story. This narrative is based on a high level of data analysis.