Détails de l'annonce
Publiée le:
26 février 2021
Lieu de travail:
Hammam Sousse, Sousse, Tunisie
Entre 1 et 2 ans
Bac + 1
Plein temps
Français , Anglais
Secteur: consulting / étude / stratégie
Taille: Plus de 500 employés

Qui est VEO?

En 2008, lorsque NOZ (le leader européen du déstockage) a commencé son expansion en Europe de l'Est et en Afrique, Veo est très vite tombé amoureux de sa vision et de son environnement agile, cherchant toujours à découvrir davantage sur cette extraordinaire activité qui est le déstockage et l'économie responsable.

Aujourd'hui, Veo Worldwide est un fournisseur de services B2B, implanté en Europe, qui compte 13 ans d'activité. Nous recherchons constamment des solutions pour aider les propriétaires d'entreprises à capitaliser sur leurs stocks invendus (fins de séries, produits à date courte, commandes annulées) et à devenir efficaces.

Grâce à tout cela, Veo consolide son renom basé sur  l'engagement, la transparence, la solidarité, l'amélioration continue et la compétence. 

Description de l'annonce:

Administrative Maintenance Assistant

If you are looking for a job to support your professional development, we are waiting for you in the "Service Maintenance" team in Sousse.

 Main responsibilities: 

- Recording of alerts received by phone and by mail in specific systems.

- Identification of service providers, request for quotes and then validate with the hierarchical superior.

- Preparation of work analyzes to determine who will bear the costs (the company or the various service providers).

- Monitoring of the interventions of the various providers.

- Making activity reports.

To support the maintenance of a store network requires:

• Previous experience in building maintenance or in the field of electricity, installations, building construction etc.

• To be an enthusiastic person, having a team spirit and a positive attitude;

• To be a proactive, responsible, involved, organized person, with the ability to prioritize and develop your knowledge and skills.

• To be a "real" French speaker (French C1 spoken, B2 written), English skills - B2 level and a good knowledge of Office and Outlook.

This is the ideal position for store-network technicians; specialists in various fields (electricity, plumbers, construction, air conditioning / heating, security / alarms etc.) who want to experience new professional challenges in an office job.

Join VEO and you will have the following benefits:

- Multicultural environment.

- Stability of work.

- Numerous opportunities for individual and professional development.

- Attractive salary.

And bonus: a team that you will surely appreciate!

Company Description

VEO Worldwide is a B2B services provider, based in Europe, with 14 years of activity. In 2006, when NOZ (the European clearance leader) started its expansion within Eastern Europe and Africa, VEO quickly fell in love with its vision and agile environment, always pushing things to discover more of this amazing business of clearance and responsible economy. Hence, we've added our own dynamic culture and mindset to everything we embraced from NOZ. 

We constantly search for solutions to help business owners capitalize on their unsold stocks (past collections, short expiry products, canceled orders) and become efficient.

With all of that, VEO is consolidating its brand based on engagement, transparency, solidarity, constant improvement and competence.