Détails de l'annonce
Publiée le:
28 octobre 2020
Type de poste:
Lieu de travail:
Ariana Ville, Ariana, Tunisie
Entre 2 et 5 ans
Bac + 3
Plein temps
Français , Anglais
Secteur: informatique / télécoms
Taille: Entre 20 et 100 employés
Description de l'annonce:

Rebootkamp "RBK" we are an authentic, passionate and creative software development training center and we are seeking to hire a qualified Cohort Lead.

Responsibilities :

  • The Cohort Lead duties will include, but are not limited to :
  • Lead the 5-6 person instructional team.
  • Promote RBK’s method of Guided Discovery across the instructional team.
  • Train and coach Tech Mentor, Counselor and Student Experience Coordinator.
  • Promote Extreme Learning.
  • Be well versed in program delivery approaches and standard methodologies.
  • Lead student experience and program success through classgroup, and individual reflection sessions-wide, small.
  • Stay on top of the perceptions and feelings and needs of the class. Handle difficult issues such as , group conflicts, and truancy.
  • Be accountable for the success for all metrics pertaining to the cohort, including placement rate, satisfaction ratings, starting salary, health and happiness of students.
  • Responsible for the health of academic and cultural student pipeline from admissions through job placement.
  • Understand what drives 5-star program reviews, strong academic results and successful job placement.
  • Maintain accurate, deep, real-time data on how students are scoring across these dimensions, working with other members of the instruction team as required.

Required education, experience and skills :

  • Have prior professional experience in roles such as teacher, facilitator, project manager, counselor, personal coach, personal trainer, actor / director etc.
  • Excellent level in English.
  • Trustworthy, confident public speaker with high social and emotional intelligence who can speak in front of groups large and small.
  • Be committed to upholding and promoting RBK Values.
  • Be a strong leader & people person.
  • Be able to establish a strong presence in a group setting, facilitate conversation, manage several direct reports and exercise solid judgement.
  • Be able to draw the correct conclusions about student academic and emotional performance.
  • Predict needed job-seeker remediation and creates effective action plans accurately and easily.
  • Be able to work with diverse staff, students, and stakeholder groups (execs, alums, partner schools, etc).
  • Be a versatile writer: Able to craft clear, succinct, tactful, effective and situationally appropriate writing styles (e.g. instructional emails, discussion follow-ups, process documentation, etc.).
  • Be an effective verbal communicator: Able to guide expectations, provide pushback for unreasonable requests in a ‘tough-but-fair’ manner, and guide student attitudes toward growth mindsets.
  • Be an empathetic and compassionate listener: Able to exercise active listening and guide students towards deeper understandings of their experiences.
  • Be a strong well-being & emotional support coach: Able to promote co-curricular student development of interpersonal and professional skills.
  • Be detail oriented and systematic.
  • Be data-driven: Able to distinguish between intuition and hard data, to ultimately utilize data analysis to make and execute decisions. Utilizes a data-driven approach to problem solving, iteration, and improvement.
  • Be passionate about teaching: Excited by the prospect of helping our team educate the next generation of software engineers.
  • While the position doesn’t require software engineering skills, you should have an interest/ability to learn the components that are necessary for success in this role (which will be supplied to you).
  • Sense of humor is a must.
  • Bonus: Experience with digital literacy training.
  • Double bonus: Experience with constructivist pedagogies such as collaborative learning, fail-based learning, Agile / pair learning, problem / project-based learning.
  • Triple bonus: expertise in Socratic dialog.