Détails de l'annonce
Publiée le:
1 décembre 2016
Lieu de travail:
Jendouba, Tunisie
Entre 5 et 10 ans
Bac + 3
Plein temps
Français , Anglais
Secteur: automobile / moteurs / engins mécaniques
Taille: Plus de 500 employés
Description de l'annonce:

Attached directly to the production department manager and you will be in charge of:

  - Analyze the Production needs

  - Give amelioration propositions in your activity sector

  - Ensure the reporting of your activity to the production department manager

 - Propose, realize and control the action plan of your service

 - Know the standards and the relative times to the module Production

 - Overseeing the production process,

  - Drawing up a production schedule;

 - Ensure that products are produced on time and are of good quality according the   VW norm

  - Contribute to the formalization of quality procedures and its good application

  - Know the production forecasting and communicated it with the production manager

 - Decline the fixed goals in term of the production zones

  - Design and Implement the KPI

 - Analyze the problems and implement the corrective actions

 - Implement the production program and make sure of its realization

 - Ensure the safety of the team in the workplace

  - Supervise, motivate, and evaluate your team

  - Ensure the development of your team

  - Evaluate the performance of your team

Exigences de l'emploi:

  -Master’s degree or license in a technical field

  -An understanding experience of minimum 5 years of production and manufacturing process and techniques (Automative Industry)

  -Knowledge of raw materials

  -Knowledge of quality systems, health and safety standard and compliance.

  -Knowledge of business, finance, human resources and management principles.

  -Knowledge of Engineering processes

  -Strong computer skills.

  -Decision maker



  -Highly motivated,


  -Well organized

  -Have excellent interpersonal, communication and problem solving skills.

  -Have good Anticipation and priority Management

  -Team work Management

Please apply the CV (with photo) and the cover letter