Secteur d'activité
informatique / télécoms
Taille de l'entreprise
Entre 100 et 200 employés
Société privée étrangère
Rue de la Bourse, Cite les jardins du lac 2, El Kram, Tunis, 1053 Tunisie
Huawei's products can be divided into the following categories: fixed network, mobile network, data communications, optical network, software & services and mobile terminals --- ranging from switching, integrated access network, NGN, xDSL, optical transport, intelligent network, support network, GSM, GPRS, W-CDMA, cdma2000 1x, full series of routers and LAN switches, videoconferencing to other key telecom technology fields. Most important of all, Huawei products are based on its independently designed ASIC chips. Its ASIC designing capability is among the most advanced in this field worldwide.

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