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communication / publicité / média
Taille de l'entreprise
Entre 20 et 100 employés
Société privée étrangère
Tour des Bureaux Immeuble ICC Local A13 au RDC - Centre Urbain Nord Tunis-Ville, Aryanah, Tunisia, Cite El Khadra, Tunis, 1003 Tunisie

Jumia is the leading internet group of Africa with already over 3000 employees in over 20 African countries and huge successes. It is led by top talented leaders offering a great mix of local and international talents and is backed by Millicom, MTN, AXA, Goldman Sachs and Rocket Internet.

Africa is one of the fastest growing economies in the globe, offering excellent opportunities in a vibrant and booming environment. Its economic growth has enabled innovative businesses to flourish and this is where Jumia steps in.

We want to create a well-balanced team of talented, truly dynamic and highly motivated individuals with a passion for emerging markets and Africa. We are currently looking for outstanding candidates interested in entrepreneurship and web businesses.

Les offres de JUIMIA
JUIMIA   |   communication / publicité / média

  Revenues Management In charge of the right pricing in finance module (commission rates, VAS etc…) Support Country Manager / COO on offer  to sellers (pricing, trigger) definition and implementation ...

JUIMIA   |   communication / publicité / média

  Main Responsabilities:  Supervise the accounts unit and verify compliance with Jumia policies and procedures andaccounting international standards. Set guidelines for recognizing financial transactions to ensure timely reporting. Validate all ...