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8 septembre 2021
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Tunis, Tunisie
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Bac + 2
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Secteur: culture / audiovisuel
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  • We believe the BEST way to improve spoken English is by SPEAKING! We sell two hour speaking sessions with our customers to accomplish fluency quickly!
  • We ask for coaches to create and manage a plan with each unique customer focusing on individual interests.

What is a Coach?

  • A coach is an equal to the learner, he or she is working side by side, using engaging tools to maximize conversation and FUN... such as using English Podcasts, TV Series, Games or anything in between which can engage the learner!

Main Responsibilities / Duties

  • Conduct Demos & Sessions - with positive, honest and welcoming demeanor in order to build long term trust with your learners.
  • Maintain excellent record of punctuality & reachability during your tenure working as a Home School coach.
  • Be frickin awesome


  • You will get customers according to the strength of your profile... you will have sessions, and get paid according to number of sessions completed.
  • The payscale ranges on a few factors which are explained during the application process, but you can expect to make between 14 - 30dt a session(2hrs).


  • Pass an oral interview.
  • Punctual, organized, and reliable.
  • Teaching or Sales Experience a plus.
  • Excellent Communication skills and a friendly personality.
  • Ability to adapt to new situations and personalize lessons for each customer.

Ideal Candidate

  • Teachers are absolutely welcome to apply, but we encourage a more friendly and conversational relationship, having sessions on the beach, or while playing games sounds like an AWESOME session!
  • However we ask for accountability from our coaches, and for there to be mutual respect.

Extra Points

  • If youd like to add extra points to your application, include how you can improve the Home School English speaking community while working with us (in your application video).  
  • To apply, please submit a full application via this link